In-house Machinery

In-house Machinery

We have an extensive range of machinery in-house that can cope with a wide variety of tasks

CNC Pipe Bending Facility Capable of bending tube to a diameter of 60.33mm

New paint spraying facility with the latest environmentally friendly extraction system for wet and airless spraying.

Purpose Built Assemble Area. Part of the new extension is dedicated to a new assembly area, which enables all work to be built in a clean and dry environment.

Our High definition CNC Burny Plasma achieves high quality cutting of mild & Stainless steel to a thickness of 15mm & 10mm respectively.

In addition the Oxy-Propane facility on the 3000 x 1500mm bed allows us to cut 50mm thick steel comfortably.

This facility is integrated with our AutoCAD facility to produce CNC Files for a swift response to all requirements.

Our 4 Metre Press in action. Our comprehensive range of tooling allows us to offer a wide ranging service on this machine.

We are currently capable of pressing 4000mm x 8mm Mild & Stainless Steel