Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Our Bystonic Bysprint 3015 has a 3.2 kW power source with 5” and 7” cutting heads to give flexibility in cutting range whilst maintaining high quality output. The machine incorporates an Automated 2- pallet change system which enables the operator to load and change new and cut materials without interrupting the on-going cutting process. Materials can be loaded by hand, by forklift truck or overhead crane facility.

The process benefits from the integrated use of SIGMANEST software, which is an industry leader, allowing us to maximise sheet utilisation thus reducing waste material and therefore reducing costs and saving time. Bystronic offers a proprietary software package for its machines. The functionality of the software package goes far beyond that of a conventional CAD/CAM program in that it controls and monitors all aspects of the cutting a process right down to the very last detail. The 3000 x 1500mm bed cutting capacity allows us to cater for a vast range of requirements from small one-off thin guage requirements to much larger heavy duty components.

Our design office is able to accept requirements in a wide spectrum of file types and software formats which are then converted to the appropriate nc files for production cutting. We currently operate Tekla, Radan, Solidworks and AutoCAD 2D Packages so are able to offer a wide range of In-House expertise. The machine has a high quality cutting capacity to the following material thicknesses; 15mm Mild Steel, 10mm Stainless Steel, 6mm Aluminium.

Click here to download our Laser Cutting Materials Reference Guide