Multifab Unveil New Laser Profiling Machine

The Directors have recently further invested in new technology to boost the Company’s already impressive range of machinery.

A Bystronic Bysprint 3015 Laser cutting machine has been added to the plant inventory and is now in full production.

The machine, which has a 3000 x 1500mm cutting area is able to cut a wide range of materials to the maximum thicknesses stated below;

Mild steel – 15mm
Stainless steel – 10mm
Aluminium – 6mm
Plywood / Mdf – 30mm
Acrylic – 30mm

Managing Director Franc D’Agnano said ” The new machine arrived late last year and we have been busy commissioning it and getting used to the many facets of operation it offers us. It is now cutting to a very high standard across its range and we are therefore now ready to offer this service to the wider market. We believe that we can offer a competitive and quality service to add to our already diverse In-House capabilities.

Anyone interested in obtaining a quotation for laser profiling works should send their enquiry into or telephone 01733 343276 for further information.